An eSIM is a digital SIM card that is embedded directly into a device, such as a smartphone, allowing you to switch carriers or add new data plans remotely without having to swap physical SIM cards.

Most mobile devices from recent years are eSIM compatible and therefore can use Simless data plans.

To find out if your device is compatible, please visit our compatibility page.

Simless cannot be used on devices that are sim-locked to a specific carrier. If your device is locked, you would first need to contact your carrier and have them unlock your device.
There's no need to remove your existing SIM card or eSIM in order to use Simless. You simply add Simless data plan while keeping your existing SIM card / eSIM as needed.

Most of Simless eSIMs provide data only and do not include a phone number for making phone calls or for sending SMS text messages.

For making phone calls and for sending messages, you have few options:

1. To make and receive phone calls with your existing phone number via VoIP app, such as Whatsapp, Facetime, Messenger, Skype or any other VoIP app, as these apps use the eSIM data for the phone calls. You may use them of course for text messages as well.

2. You can enable on your phone the option of Wi-Fi Calling (and setting it to Mobile Network Preferred). This will allow you to continue to make and receive phone calls and send and receive SMS messages with your existing phone number, using your phone app and SMS app.

Yes, when using Simless eSIM you can continue using also your primary phone number and SIM.

These are the required settings on your device:

1. Keep Simless eSIM and your primary SIM both on.

2. Choose Simless eSIM as the source of all cellular data.

3. Keep the Default Voice Line set to your Primary SIM.

4. Data Roaming should be OFF for your primary SIM.

5. Data Roaming should be ON for Simless eSIM.

Your eSIM data plan starts the moment you activate it on your phone.
Yes, Simless offers also eSIMs that are valid for multiple countries and geographical areas.

Each eSIM can be installed on only one device. If you have other devices that need mobile data, you have two options:

1. Turn on Mobile Hotspot/Tethering on the device with the eSIM and connect your other devices to it.

2. Purchase an additional eSIM for the other device.

Yes, eSIM compatible devices allow you to install and store multiple eSIMs at once.

However, each device has a different limit on the number of eSIMs that can be active at the same time. Some devices with Dual SIM functionality allow only one eSIM and one nano-SIM to be active at the same time, while other devices allow also a combination of two eSIMs to be active at the same time.

You can if the area/region you are visiting has 5G network Infrastructure and if your device supports 5G.
Yes, you can buy and install an eSIM in advance and activate it once you are ready to use it.
If you purchase an eSIM that is valid for a limited period of time, you may specify in advance from which date you'd like your data plan to start.

To temporarily disable an eSIM:

1. Go to Settings on your device.

2. Go to Cellular/Mobile Data.

3. Tap on your eSIM.

4. Toggle the option "Turn on this Line" to its OFF position. This disables the eSIM temporarily.

You can re-enable and reuse this eSIM at a later time. However, be aware that if the eSIM has a certain validity period (for example 30 days), then its validity period cannot be paused and the eSIM plan will still expire when its validity period ends.

Once you have used an eSIM and the data plan has ended, you may delete it from your phone.

Before deleting the eSIM, consider the following:

As reinstalling an eSIM is not a straightforward task that is readily available, be sure that you really do not need to use the eSIM anymore.

If you have subscribed to a contract plan, deleting the eSIM from your phone doesn't end the contract. By deleting the eSIM from the phone, all you are doing is removing the profile that you installed onto your phone.
If you wish to completely end your plan or subscription you need to do that through your Simless account.

If you are sure you want to delete your eSIM, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings on your device.

2. Go to Cellular/Mobile Data.

3. Tap on your eSIM.

4. Select Remove Data Plan (or Delete Mobile Plan/Remove Cellular Plan).