Subscription Management.
Simplified. Our industry-leading digital SIM card platform is the digital equivalent to a physical SIM card factory and brick-and-mortar store, all directly and securely accessible from the cloud with an instant distribution and engagement channel to your customers' cellular devices.

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Are you operating a cellular network and
are thinking about going fully digital for SIM card procurement and
subscriber acquisition and retention?
Well, we can help with that.

How it works.

Simless digital SIM card platform (also referred to as MNOHub) consists of a subscription management server application integrated with an e-commerce store and a state-of-the-art offers and data analytics engine.

The subscription management platform allows the secure creation of digital SIM cards from an intuitive dashboard and their remote provisioning (via push or pull mode) on Embedded SIM (eSIM) - enabled devices.

The default web dashboard setup does not require any integration with mobile network operators' backends. We also support an advanced setup requiring minor backend integration.

The subscription management server application supports the following industry specifications:

  • Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC Technical Specification v3.2 (SGP.02 v3.2), which defines a technical solution for the remote provisioning and management of the Embedded SIM in M2M devices.

  • Remote SIM Provisioning Technical Specification v2.2 (SGP.22 v2.2), which defines a technical solution for the remote provisioning and management of the Embedded SIM in consumer devices.

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    The e-commerce store allows subscribers with a local profile agent (e.g. our mobile app) to discover, buy and download digital SIM cards without having to visit a physical store. Now, think about how effortless subscriber acquisition could be next time you run an ad campaign on traditional media such as TV or the Internet? Amazing, right? That's the power of adopting digital SIM card technology. As an early adopter, this guarantees you to become the coolest operator on the block.

    The offers and data analytics engine allows you to get real-time information about your SIM and plan campaigns and rewards your loyal subscribers based on your business rules and marketing budget. We reinvented how your may run ad campaigns in the future with integration of advanced machine learning techniques applied to a unique and diverse data set.

Why choose Simless.

Our unique digital SIM card platform allows you to:

  • Create a SIM card procurement campaign in minutes

  • Reduce overall SIM card procurement costs up to 80%

  • Reduce management server deployment costs over 50%

  • Reduce subscriber acquisition and retention costs over 50%

  • Streamline and expedite local SIM card registration processes

  • Increase number of devices attached to cellular network

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