February 5, 2018

    Simless Receives New Patent for its Embedded SIM Technology

    Pioneering eSIM company further strengthens its IP portfolio.

    Mountain View, Calif. February 5, 2018 – Simless, Inc. an embedded SIM (eSIM) solution provider, announced today the allowance by the US Patent Office of a third patent assigned to Simless.

    The most recent allowed patent, filed in 2014, is titled Apparatuses, Methods And Systems for Interfacing With a Trusted Subscription Management Platform. It describes the remote creation, distribution and management of virtual subscriber identity module (virtual SIM) cards stored in a plurality of concurrent embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (eUICCs). The eUICCs may be virtualized through a secure software module integrated within a mobile station or in a distant server.

    Simless’s first issued patent, (invention number 9,485,252), describes a system for the complete digitization of an eSIM card within a secure storage and execution environment of a system-on-chip (SoC). Simless coined this concept the “Simless System-on-Chip (S2oC)” and presented it at the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This patent is granted in the US and is undergoing registration in the EU and China. Simless’s IP surrounding the digitization of an embedded SIM is potentially essential to the foundation for the "integrated UICC (iUICC)” concept, which the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is standardizing as the “integrated Secure Smart Platform (iSSP)”. Several SoC manufacturers are currently developing this concept and Simless has worked on various NDA projects using their SoC platforms.

    Simless's second allowed patent (invention number 9,860,740) perfectly complements its first patent. It defines a system that enables mobile device users to configure trusted Java Card virtual machines running on their devices using biometric information. Applying the concept to consumer eSIM devices, this invention enables end-users to register their SIM by inputting their biometric information directly into their device and without the need to visit a retail Telco store.

    Although there are notable outliers (such as the United States) some form of SIM card registration is required in most countries. Moreover, in certain large pre-paid markets such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, which together constitute approximately 1.4 billion pre-paid subscribers, biometric information is required to register a SIM. In these countries, subscribers must visit a Telco store to provide the necessary biometric information, which imparts a great operational cost to the Telco and substantial friction to the subscriber. Simless’s invention enables biometric SIM registration to take place via the device, obviating the need for users to visit a store. Simless’s invention significantly lowers the cost of biometric SIM registration, enhancing compliance in countries where biometric SIM registration is required and lowering implementation barriers in countries where it is not yet a requirement.

    Simless’s IP portfolio encompasses two major smart card industry trends: digitization and biometric authentication. Simless is currently working with major Telcos and device manufacturers in India and Nigeria to enable the full digital purchase, download, biometric registration and activation of SIM cards. Moreover, SIM cards are just the beginning, other smart cards such as government ID cards or physical access cards are addressable by Simless’s platform.

    Simless is committed to bringing its technology to market and provides licensing and technical support to its partners, which include device and chip manufacturers, Telcos and smart card manufacturers.

    About Simless:
    Founded in 2014 by former AT&T and Deutsche Telekom employees, Simless specializes in digital embedded SIM (eSIM) solutions for telcos and cellular device manufacturers. Simless has successfully integrated its digital eSIM technology with all types of cellular devices including smartphones, wearables and IoT devices and is working with global telcos to help them effortlessly connect devices to their networks.

    For more information please contact Simless at: 1.888.952.3653 or at hello(at)simless.com